Sales and Market Forecasting Services

  • Statistical Modeling for Existing Products
    • Causative Models (see the article on the strategic benefits of causal forecasting)
    • Time Series Models
    • Specialized modeling for advertising and promotion evaluation
  • New Product Forecast Development
  • Sales Forecasting for Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Forecast Process and Organization Evaluation


Forecast Analytics Approach

  • Business problem driven
    • Review of business objectives
      • How does forecast improvement drive business improvement?
        • Long term strategic needs or shorter term operating management needs
      • Who uses the forecast?
        • Finance?
        • Supply chain?
        • Marketing?
        • Sales Quotas?
  • Gathering the right data from both internal and external sources
    • Shipment vs sell-through?
    • Key business driver assessment
    • Reconciling incomplete or incompatible data
    • But, data is not enough
  • Analytical insight
    • Use the forecast process as tool for managing your business
    • Appropriate & cost effective techniques
    • But, technique is not enough
  • Support for processes, people and information flow
  • Training the players for independence
  • Understanding the sources and costs of variability
    • Cost benefit assessment for data acquisition and management & forecast solution options