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While we do a great deal of work in the battery and energy sector, we have also worked in a wide range of other businesses, including corrugated, military MRE heaters, live plants, stationary & paper, watches, online auctions of heavy equipment, printing plates, shoe care products, and mattresses

Here is a recent article in the IEEE Spectrum magazine where I am quoted:
Startup Aims to Make Swallowed Batteries Safer For Kids, March 15, 2018

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Bob Altabet
Bob Altabet

Alpha Beta Planning is a business development consultancy combining technical skills and extensive real world business experience for practical solutions and strategic insight.

For global projects, we  work with colleagues in Europe who can be found at: brandpassion.co.uk

We publish an annual report on the Household Battery Industry showing brand and market trend data for the U.S. and Europe along with some market trend data for Japan. Our 2021review was published in January 2022. This is available for free to clients and for $700 to non-clients. The link below will take you to the 2012 Annual Battery Review to give you an idea about what we cover.

2012 Annual Battery Review

Our Mission

We assist companies in business development and planning, sales forecasting and market research. We seek to develop collaborative relationships for maximum interaction and insights for our clients.

  • Business Development
  • Business Planning
  • Sales & Market Forecasting
  • Strategic Market Research

We work in a wide variety of industries (see the list in “about us”):

  • Technology business development
  • Consumer package goods
  • Consumer small durables
  • Business to business

 αβ • Alpha Beta Planning

  • Alpha Beta Planning is a consultancy specializing in the areas of business development and planning, sales and market forecasting and market research. We are available for new business development, forecasting or strategic market research projects.   Alpha Beta Planning also provides marketing and forecasting due diligence for investors and banks in the private capital markets.
  • With its client side market research experience, Alpha Beta Planning  brings a broad business perspective to its custom strategic market research projects.
  • We work in a wide range of industries with clients in consumer package goods, consumer small durables and business to business. We have extensive experience in the battery and fuel cell arena.
  • We view all assignments as a collaborative effort with frequent discussion and progress review with your internal business experts to assure the appropriate balance between our business development, forecasting and marketing expertise and the company specific and industry experience of your organization.
  • Our customized approach assures that we will deal with your marketing issues; we never force you into a pre-determined mold to fit a packaged service offering. A creative approach to disciplined analysis imbues our culture and processes, but each business is evaluated uniquely.
  • We do work in all industries including consumer package goods and business to business. Extensive experience in all aspects of batteries, fuel cells and chemical energy provides particular added value in technology business development and marketing projects

Contact Information

If you would like more information about our services, or if you would just like to talk through a problem in the areas of new product planning or sales and market forecasting, give us a call or send an email through the contact page.

Telephone: 914-962-5795

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