Business Development

We provide business development and planning services to any business, but years of extensive experience in the battery industry provide a special edge in that arena

  • Business situation analysis
  • Idea generation and screening
  • Business Analysis & Plans
  • Commercialization: Execution, controls and monitoring
  • Process and culture assessment

Business situation analysis

  • Classic, disciplined analytic approach, tempered with creative attitudes to help with the entire planning process for successfully developing and launching new products and new businesses. Our background in the battery business provides a unique mix experience in consumer package goods and technology development
    • Assessing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your firm, competitor firms and other potential entrants to develop opportunities for sustainable competitive advantage
    • Helping you develop the criteria for business success
      • Core competencies
      • Category opportunity
      • Profitability
      • Commercialization strategy options

Idea generation and screening

  • Provide assistance in ferreting out the best ideas that are already embedded in your system, using our skilled listening and a process for interaction across the boundaries of your organization, and  across the boundaries of your business network including customers, consumers or end-users, and suppliers.
    • Customer/consumer needs assessments
    • Coordination of internal idea sources: R&D, Sales, Marketing, etc.
    • Structured idea generation sessions

Business  planning

  • We provide assistance in the business development and planning process
    • Market potential and financial assessment
    • Business or product concept development and evaluation
    • Market research plans
    • Market strategy development
    • Licensing or operational plan options

Business development

  • Execution requirements of each business function.
    • Selling strategy and materials
    • Advertising and promotion
    • IP Transfer package
  • Control systems stay on plan
  • Contingency planning

Process and culture assessment

  • As industries and business environments evolve, the need for innovation and structured but adaptive processes for new products changes. For dynamic companies on the cusp of such changes, let us help you modify processes, organization and cultural issues in adapting your new product planning to the changing environment
  • We can help you identify such issues as:
    • Culture of innovation
    • How an idea actually becomes a project including implicit and explicit stage gates that frequently add time without improving control
    • Cost and benefit structure of cycle improvement